Con i nostri tour il tuo spazio espositivo diventa digitale

Digital photo tours

Transform your physical space
into a digital environment

Our digital photo tours are a teleport in space and time. The visitor accesses remotely and walks through the space observing the environment in every detail. The visit offers a feeling so real that it seems to be right there in the space visited.

Our tours are the ideal application for all sectors in which the exhibition of a space is a fundamental element of the business: fairs, showrooms, boating, tourism, real estate, art and culture.

Rendering tour

Click and visit
a virtual environment

Our Rendering tour application allows you to visit a project, a building not yet built or a space to be restored. The feeling of walking makes the visit realistic and immersive. Our tour renders are an ideal business tool for the construction and architecture sectors.

Main customers

We will be exhibitors at SAIE 2019

On the occasion of SAIE 2019 we present our news for the building and architecture sectors.

Find us at the new hall, stand I09