Walking into a rendering is now possible

With our rendering tours we make it possible to visit a virtual environment with a realistic effect. What sets us apart is the walking effect with a fluid visit of the space and the utmost attention to detail: finishes, furnishings, lights.
Our render tours are a revolution for the construction and architecture sectors.

  • Tours displayed on the web with any device without using software or player.
  • Realistic walking effect with the possibility to move in any environment and observe the space
  • Possibility to publish the tours on the website and spread them through all digital channels through links and embed code.
  • Visualization of the planimetry and of the 3D model in miniature.
  • Creation of photographic services of the space, extracted from any point of observation within the tour.
  • Possibility of inserting tags with titles, descriptions, images, videos.
  • Endless possibilities for customization with lights, finishes, colors, textures, furnishings.

Why make a tour rendering

  • To be able to sell a building that has not yet been built, or to renovate, even before starting work.
  • Because it is possible to customize the virtual space with many variations in terms of layout, finishes, furnishings, lights.
  • Because our tours are the only solution that allows you to walk through a rendering, via the web and without any software
  • Because it allows you to show a space and share it with an infinite number of people, limits of time and space
  • To improve the entire design and implementation process

How we make tour renders

We take care of everything. The customer provides us with all the information on the project, the data and the files he has, only if available (CAD files, 3D models, etc.). We take care of all the development until publication.

Stages of realization

Project and data analysis

The customer sends us information, data, available design files (building plan, CAD file, BIM).

In the case of renovation of buildings already built we can proceed with laser scanning of the space.

3D model creation

In this phase we realize the 3D model of the environment.

If requested by the customer, we can also supply the BIM model to designers, which can be used immediately in the design.

Customization and tour creation

Based on customer requests, we customize the environment with all the desired details, materials, finishes, lights and furnishings.

We can create different tour renderings with different set ups to offer users various choices.

Web publishing

The rendering tour is published on the web with the codes supplied by us: direct link, embed code for integration into the website.

The tours are displayed via the web through the browser and can be spread through all digital channels.

Laser scan of buildings

With laser scans we detect the state of a building in its state with maximum detail, providing the point cloud or the BIM model as output.

The laser detection allows to give greater value to the project, to avoid the errors of manual measurements, to allow greater speed and fluidity in all the design phases.